Two friends, Charlie and Ted, plot to rob an old man of his baseball card collection in order to fund their future recording studio.  However, Charlie falls for the old man’s Jamaican nurse, throwing a wrench in their plans, and their friendship.

Welcome!  The Prospects is screening at the Brooklyn International Film Festival on Sunday, June 6th at 7:30pm at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema and Wednesday, June 9th at the brand new IndieScreen in Williamsburg!

Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard and donated your time and money to make this film happen. Your DVDs will be coming in a couple months - thanks for your patience!

Making this film was quite an experience and I hope you all will be as proud of what we accomplished as I am.

Check back at this website for updates on all news regarding The Prospects.

Thank you so much for checking out the film! And buy DVDs for your friends!

Charlie Hewson is a singer/songwriter/actor currently living in Brooklyn, NY.  His big screen acting credits include Awake, The Nanny Diaries, The Understudy, Made For Each Other, and Holy Rollers.  His television credits include Law & Order and Gossip Girl.  His Broadway stage credits include Streamers and Sophistry.  His talent is only surpassed by his charisma.

Eric Edelstein is a prominent rising star in the comedy world. Co-starring in the 2008 Sundance official entry Good Dick and appearing in a recurring role in NBC's Parks & Recreation, Eric's bread and butter is his improvisational comedy. His hilarity is only surpassed by his fervor for baseball cards.

Robert Ri’chard has been steadily acting in Hollywood since he was 13, winning a daytime Emmy Award for his work in In His Father’s Shoes.  A lead on the hit UPN sitcom One on One for five years, Ri’chard more recently appeared in Coach Carter as Samuel L. Jackson’s son and in Joel Silver’s House of Wax with Paris Hilton.  Last summer, he wrapped Bolden in North Carolina with co-star Anthony Mackie.  Ri’chard is managed by Michael Goldman of Management 360, one of the world’s largest talent management companies.  His ambition is only surpassed by his loyalty.

David’s short film Otto was accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival, the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and others.  He has since directed several promos for internet start-up companies and has written several screenplays on commission for production companies no one’s heard of.  He is proud to have the least prestigious resume on his film’s website.